How To See Where You’ve Been On Google Maps

No longer are lists, labeled items, reservations, items you follow, or downloaded maps buried within other menus. Google Maps lets you share some of your favorite places with a friend; just tap the share icon on the location’s Google Maps card to send it to them via text, email, or your app of choice. And you can save favorite places by tapping the Save icon; they’ll show up in the Saved option in the menu bar. But if you want to share more than one location, you can create a Pinterest-like list within Google Maps. When you save a favorite place, tap New List to create a new collection (like “Favorite Thai places in Brooklyn”) or add it to an existing one. You’ll find them in the Saved tab under Your lists; tap the three-dot menu and then Share List to send a link to friends.

Apple stores a limited number of locations and doesn’t provide precise travel tracks and timelines like Google. It provides a place, a date, and an approximate position circle on a non-interactive (you can’t pinch-to-zoom it) map. If you don’t want Apple to track you, toggle off Significant Locations in your iPhone’s Settings app.

Imaps+ For Google Maps 4+

Click the AdBlock button on your browser and select Don’t run on pages on this domain. Want to look back at that time you got lost night driving to see where you took the wrong turn? If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Your Timeline is based on your Location History, which also gives you automatic commute predictions, improved search results, and other useful information. You may have noticed I’m being a bit dodgy, and that’s because I fall somewhere in between.

how to see where you've been on google maps

Click the rectangular red box in the bottom-left corner that shows how many places you’ve visited. Location History is a feature in your Google account that saves details of all the places you visit and the routes you take there. It works on any mobile device on which you’re signed into your Google account and have Location History turned on. The map of your movement, the blog explains, is private to you—you, and, obviously, Google itself. When you choose this option, Google Maps displays a list of routes that are wheelchair friendly, if available for that location. Google Maps now helps people with mobility issues use public transportation by specifically identifying wheelchair-accessible routes.

If you’re walking around a city, and need a visual aid beyond Peg Man, Google Maps supports augmented reality walking directions in certain locales. This feature layers directional prompts atop Street View imagery to help you know which way to walk or turn. The area itself needs to have robust Street View support; if it’s available, you’ll see a “Live View” option at the bottom of your screen when you search for walking directions. So heavy customisation controls are in place in the app’s settings, where users can opt to delete individual days, or their entire history from the app. This is a procedure users would have to repeat as there doesn’t appear to be a way to turn the feature off.

Use Google Maps To See Where You’ve Traveled

You can also tap Places to view places grouped into categories, such as Shopping, Hotels, Food and drink, Attractions and Airports. To stop — or “pause” — Google Maps storing details of everywhere you can go, click the Manage Location History button. When the Activity Controls page opens, move the Location History slider to Off.

how to see where you've been on google maps

Apple provides less information but keeps, and displays at your request, a record of your recently visited places, without the detailed trail feature that Google offers. You can also choose to save a parking location manually. Tap on the blue dot that marks your current location once you’ve parked, then choose Save Your Parking and it will be marked on your map. If this is a frequent problem for you, check out the best Find My Car apps. For a quick way to poke around Google Maps without leaving any obvious footprints, go incognito. With this enabled, Google Maps won’t save your browser or search history in your account, or send notifications.

Activate Location Services For Google Maps

Follow @CNBCtech on Twitter for the latest tech product news. Change the setting from “Keep until I delete manually” to “Keep for 18 months” or “Keep for 3 months.” Here’s an example of that day, including my stop for lunch, and a meeting I took with Snapchat on the Upper West side earlier in the day. Google Maps tracks everywhere you go on your iPhone or Android phone, and then keeps a log of this information in a “Timeline” that shows you everywhere you’ve been. Check out the 10 secret Google Maps locations you’re not allowed to see. However, to truly stop Google from tracking you, you’ll also need to turn off Web & Activity Tracking.

How To View And Delete Your Location History In Google Maps

Open the app as you approach a stop and you’ll see Pay for Parking pop up. Select it, type in your meter number and how long you’ll be at the spot, and you can pay right from your phone. Using the aforementioned right-click tool, you can also calculate the distance of any two points on Earth. Choose “Measure distance,” which will drop a point , then click anywhere else on the map, and the distance between the points will be calculated. The total trip distance will be calculated in the main card. Some in‑app purchases, including subscriptions, may be shareable with your family group when Family Sharing is enabled.

Okay, I’m being completely facetious, and your Maps Timeline isn’t secret at all. With that being said, grab your tinfoil hats, because it’s time to turn this thing off and save the world. You can also view your Google Maps app location history on a desktop or laptop computer by going to /maps/timeline. This article explains how to view your location history using data collected by the Google Maps app on your iPhone or data from your iPhone’s location services. Google Maps recently launched a pilot program that allowed users to use the app for curbside grocery pickups. Google Maps shows you exactly which businesses offer curbside pickup and which COVID safety precautions they follow.

How To Use Live View

You can always tilt your map and get an isometric view in Google Maps. Tap and hold on the map with two fingers slightly apart and then swipe up. Moving your fingers in a circular motion will rotate the map. The Terrain option will show some hills, but it also sometimes shows the interior plan of certain locations. When finding directions on the desktop version of Maps, you can maneuver your route to go through or away from specific locations via drag and drop. Just click and drag any part of your direction route to move around (this only works with directions for walking, driving, or biking—it won’t work with any mass transit options).

It’ll record your real-world movements if you’re signed into your Google account, Location History is turned on, and Location Reporting is turned on. It’s also possible that Google is tracking your movements and you didn’t even realise you’d signed up for it. If that’s the case, we’ll reveal how to turn tracking off immediately.

Turning off your Location History may not be enough for you though. Did you know that you can delete any and all data Google has collected on you via the Google My Activity Dashboard? You can even filter out data collected per app or service. In this case, you’ll want to go and delete any location history Google Maps has collected so that you can complete the process and have true peace of mind. You can also turn off Location History tracking directly from the My Activity screen. Today, I’m going to show you how to check out Google’s super secret tracking program called “Timeline” in Google Maps, and how you can turn off your location history in the service.

Your searches or movement won’t be added to location history or shared location. And Google won’t use your activity while in Incognito Mode to personalize Maps. It has its advantages if you want to peep a location without having it tangled up with your search history, but just like on web browsers, it doesn’t make you invisible on the app.

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